Teen Area Art Gallery

Liability and Application Forms


The mission of the Teen Area Art Gallery (TAAG) is to modernize the atmosphere of the library’s teen space, while providing a means for all Oklahoma artists to present their work to the public.


El Reno Carnegie Library staff approve or deny art exhibition applications based on the art’s appropriateness for teens, the general public, and the display space. Though the following criteria will be used to make selection decisions, the library ultimately can deny artwork applications for any reason:


Art created by adults must be “appealing” to a young adult audience. Because “appeal” is highly subjective, artwork that is eye-catching, thought provoking, or created by a teenager qualifies.

General Public

The library is a public place that welcomes people of all ages and walks of life. Art must not be “offensive” to any populations served. Offensive is defined as work that contains nudity, vulgarity, hate symbolism, or goriness.

Display Space

The designated display space is on the top ledge of bookshelves in the teen area. Artwork must be able to safely fit in the designated space. Artwork cannot be extremely heavy, as it must be carried on a ladder to be placed in the area. It must also not extend past any ledges.


Artwork display duration will be determined at the time of Release of Liability Form signing. All artwork must be displayed for a minimum of one month with a three month duration being ideal.


Artists may list prices for artwork in a handout that is created and printed by the artist for the library. Library staff members will not handle money or facilitate sales transactions. Interested parties must contact the artist directly about purchases.

Publicity & Unveilings

It is the artist’s primary responsibility to publicize the appearance of his or her artwork. The library will make announcements and post pictures on social media, the digital display board, and website. Artists are allowed to have unveiling events, but it must be scheduled in advance and take place during regular library operating hours. All other library policies and restrictions will apply to these events. No press release or advertisements can be made in the name of the library by the artist; the library can be listed as venue only.

Setup & Take Down

Artists must put their own artwork in the designated area, but library staff may assist. A library staff member must be physically and visually present when art is being put up or taken down at agreed upon times. All artwork must be self-supporting and can do no more than sit on the shelf and lean on the wall. No holes can be made for mounting, nor adhesives used. The library will allow the use of on-hand ladders and stepping stools.

Artist’s Under 18

Artists under the age of 18 must have signed permission of a parent or guardian to display art. The parent or guardian must also be present during setup and take down.

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