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What is Brainfuse?

Brainfuse is based in NYC and for over a decade, has developed and provided virtual learning solutions for schools, libraries, colleges, and universities. Our philosophy is anchored in adherence to high standards and user-centered technology to build a better educational experience for learners of diverse backgrounds. Brainfuse helps students and job seekers reach their goals by connecting them with qualified eTutors and job coaches anytime, anywhere. Users can also initiate and organize online meetings for peer-to-peer learning. The Brainfuse learning platform gives power to students and job seekers to manage outcomes better by seamlessly integrating the latest online technology.

Who are your tutors?

Brainfuse tutors are screened, trained, and managed directly by Brainfuse. Our tutors are recruited from a diverse tutoring pool and include a mix of professional tutors, retired instructors, graduate students and college faculty members. Only tutors with proven backgrounds in tutoring/teaching in their respective fields are hired by Brainfuse. Over 80% of tutors have a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. in their field. Brainfuse regularly reviews and updates its tutor recruiting, training and monitoring procedures to provide the highest possible online tutoring experience for students. We have a unique live monitoring system where tutor interaction with students is reviewed by a live monitor and immediate feedback is given for an ongoing professional development.

This service has been made possible by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.